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Here are the best dating apps in Italy

Here are the best dating apps in Italy

Far are the times of love letters and ringing voids on mobile phones: love in the era of smartphones also passes through applications. Here are the best dating apps out there.

Our list of the best dating apps

Only those who have never written love letters are really funny. So sang Roberto Vecchioni in 1995. A verse that today seems light years away since the art of courtship has definitely changed, whether it is for better or for worse is not up to us to judge. In any case, the dating apps are now, fortunately, cleared through customs. Initially they were viewed with some mistrust, but now we can finally come out and say that at least once we have tried them all. Yes ok, it was just because I lost a bet (let’s pretend to believe it). But now enough digress: what are the best dating apps? Here is our very personal selection.

Tinder: let’s get rid of this weight right away, we all know that this name would have appeared on the list. Tinder is probably the most popular of the dating apps, thanks to its simple and, in recent months, innovative mechanism. Yes, because although the mechanics are the same that at the time made the success of apps like hot or not, Tinder managed to introduce interesting innovations such as Swipe Night and the brand new Year in a Swipe. For those who have never tried it – of course, right, wink – Tinder works like this: the app offers you random profiles, of potential partners more or less close to you, and you can decide which person shown interests you or not. If both profiles show mutual interest there is a match. At that point it will be possible to start a chat. Add to this numerous premium features such as finding out he showed me interest and getting unlimited SuperLike profiles.

Meetic: according to what reported by YouGov, Meetic is by far the most used dating app by Italians (almost 70%). We can assume that, compared to Tinder, here the age range is slightly higher, also because the app is proposed as a platform for lasting relationships. The application is actually much more like a social network: although it is possible to like and have matches like on Tinder, Meetic offers the possibility to send messages to users without having to have paid interest. However, these are limited for non-premium profiles.

Here are the best dating apps in Italy

StillThe: there was a period in Badoo it was really in fashion. Although the golden age of the big B social network is over, the app is still very popular with users. The setting is very similar to that of Meetic, with the possibility of chatting even without having obtained a match. These messages are of course limited, and can be purchased with the various premium prova den här webbplatsen plans.

Grindr e Her: While all dating apps allow you to set your sexual orientation, these two apps are designed exclusively for the LGBTQ + community. In particular, Grindr is widely used in Italy, and proposes the number one dating app for gays and bisexuals. Her, on the other hand, not very common in Italy but which is receiving widespread support in the USA, declares itself to be the Number 1 Queer app for Women. The operation of both applications is based on the social network system: it is possible to use geolocation to view neighboring profiles, but you can chat even without having obtained a match. In general, both platforms are used for casual encounters.

Happn: here is an application that escapes from conventional dating apps. This is because Happn, instead of showing us nearby profiles in real time, uses geolocation to show us the people we met. In practice, the platform informs us about when and where we have been in the vicinity of another user who uses Happn. At that point it will be up to us to decide whether to like or not. What happens next is very similar to Tinder: if a match occurs, you can chat. In short, it is a kind of Shazam for living beings!

Facebook Dating: didn’t miss the chance to enter the expanding universe of online love. Recently introduced, Facebook Dating gives you the possibility, through your Facebook profile, to show yourself as interested in new sentimental acquaintances (or not). It will be interesting to see how the project fits into the metaverse.

Lawoo: another dating app that is very reminiscent of a social network. Used by a target usually over 30, the feature of this platform is the introduction of live shows in which it is possible to invite other users for a virtual chat in public. It is therefore untied from the only sentimental purpose or an occasional encounter, to become a real hybrid platform.

Telegram: the absolute attention to privacy and the ability to create multifunctional bots, has made Telegram a very versatile app. Among the various uses, the platform also lends itself well as a dating app, thanks to the numerous public groups for friendships with thousands of users and the bots for anonymous chats with strangers. However, we recommend that you pay attention: privacy and anonymity are important characteristics, but anyone could be behind the screen of your interlocutor.

Ok Cupid: Are you thinking that the name is reminiscent of the famous ok boomer meme? In fact, the app detaches itself from the others due to its more traditionalist approach. Unlike Tinder or Happn, used purely by young people and which can also be used for friendships or meetings without commitments, OK Cupid instead proposes itself as a real dating site in the old way. The app is generally aimed at a target aged over 50, and asks the user a series of questions, and then suggests any similar profiles: the algorithm of love!

Once: if Tinder is Superman then Once is kryptonite! Each day users will be able to see only one profile (hence the name of the platform), so goodbye to the compulsive swipe in the hope of getting a match. The app also allows you to fill in questionnaires to provide the algorithm with the tools to find our soul mate. If you are looking for a stable relationship, and you believe that even in the digital age certain things need their time, this could be the app for you.

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