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I feel like my love for Xav drops after this, he was all “bark but no bite”?

I feel like my love for Xav drops after this, he was all “bark but no bite”?

And who is this anonymous pen-pal? Meet Xavier Emery; Captain of the basketball team, the “jock who isn’t a jock” because he never wanted the popularity in the first place. In the midst of hating his life, he finds the letter and begins daring Vee to give more confessions.

And I think what ive always loved about pen-pal romances is that we see two people who believe that would never connect find an undeniable bond through the letters

With that said, this book wasn’t thaaatt bad. I genuinely liked the first half of the book, the confessions were adorable and Xavier was just so easy to like.

“Christ, just tell me who you are. Fuck the pact. Fuck the secrets. Fuck it all. Just tell me who are you, L. Please. Let this be real”

Vee, I felt, was always looking for reassurances or validation somewhere. The author couldn’t sell the i-would-rather-stay-in-than-go-out attitude for the heroine and honestly it just made her kind of pathetic because we also have the “my sister gets more attention than me” plotline going on.

“So, when guys like that see a girl like you, a girl who doesn’t look easy or desperate, they get intimidated. Label her high-maintenance bosnian hot women and run like hell. You’re beauty and brains, Vee. You’re an immature high school boy’s worst nightmare”

but besides that, I think the book was just so entertaining. There was just so much shit going on with everyone and I was so funny because it was just absolutely ridiculous in every sense.

1) Xav and Vee decide that it’s time to meet and the perfect place? A fucking frat party. Xav kisses the first person who comes up to him (bitchy-sidekick-cheerleader) thinking that it’s vee. And what do you know? Vee catches them and flees ( which she seems to be doing a lot in this book)

3) The confessions that they left in the library is found and posted all over the school with a new form facebook group “whoisZacandLove” (their pen names)

Its almost embarrassing to read about how Vee is in love with him and im like “for fucksake you’re in love with a fucking ghost”

4) Xav gets back with his ex girlfriend because PLOTWIST: the bitchy cheerleader started the facebook page and could possibly expose him as Zac.

Now here’s something you should know: while Vee’s deepest confession was that she slept with her sisters boyfriend; xav confessed that he saw his mother sleeping with a minor. And hence he needs to “date” Brie (cheerleader psycho) to keep his mothers secret.

he kept saying how much he loved her and how he would do anything for and how she is the single most important thing in his life but he does absolutely nothing to prove it.

“What if you’re the only thing that makes sense anymore?” He sounds pained, broken. “What if, when everything went to shit, all I could think about was making sure you were okay?” I hear him step forward but don’t turn around. “What if I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my entire fucking life, Vee?”

“Love: I wish I could hug you right now.Zac: Fair warning, if you hugged me, another part of me would probably hug you.”

“Baby, look at me.” She forces our eyes to meet. “I’m your mother. I carried you, gave you life, tended to every fit. There are a million girls just like her out there, but there is only one of me.”

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