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Thais are extremely adept at presenting themselves pleasantly and in ways that they think will please you

Thais are extremely adept at presenting themselves pleasantly and in ways that they think will please you

Although it can seem prudent to “get to know each other” before attempting to meet, the truth is that very little can be determined through the internet or chatting on mobile phone apps. Even on the level of English-language ability, keep in mind that writing messages and speaking are very distinct competencies, with most Thais more proficient at the former.

Along these same lines, try to make sure you get a clear beautiful mexican women idea about their appearance early on. But Thais are extraordinarily talented at taking photographs that present themselves in the best light and are sometimes just downright misleading. There are a combination of factors at play as to why this is so: (1) Thai women generally wear a lot of makeup so you are most likely seeing a very whitewashed version; (2) Thai women endlessly take pictures of themselves so they are close to professional at getting very flattering pictures; and (3) Thai women generally have no interest in providing a realistic idea of who they are to a potential mate. It’s pretty well-known that Thais have no problem with instrumental dishonesty and you should understand that this goes double for people they don’t have a personal connection to. Some women have even told me that they feel it is completely justified to lie about themselves simply because “it’s the internet” (i.e. no ethical standards apply).

Added up, this means you will almost inevitably have the experience at some point of meeting a woman that looked striking on the internet but is very plain in real life. If you’ve just spent months chatting with this woman with visions of your dream girl, you will certainly feel foolish when the much less pleasant reality shows up. In some cases when confronted about this, Thai women have even admitted to me that it was a picture from ten years ago before she had children or even of their better looking younger sister. It will help to avoid these situations, which are really in no one’s best interest, if you can see them candidly before you get too far along.

Generally speaking, 30 minutes late is not even considered particularly rude, and it’s not that uncommon for some women to breeze in an hour late as if nothing has happened

You need to accept that whatever plans you have made, all appointments are considered flexible or optional by Thai women. In addition, if something unexpected comes up, even if it is just a minor rain shower, they will probably drop all plans to meet without any forewarning. This is inevitably testing for Western men, even for those of us who are laidback by nature. Nothing will make you feel like more of a fool than hanging around waiting for a woman that you don’t even know is worth it yet.

In spite of the advice above about avoiding the very attractive, a huge part of the appeal of Thai women is undeniably their physical beauty

As a good practice, make sure to confirm your meeting at least on the morning of, and even just hours before if you have a sense that she’s especially flakey. This still does not guarantee anything but at least it increases the chances that she will actually show up – at some point. Knowing the likelihood of lateness or postponement, I also try to insist on a meeting point that is fairly close to my home so that I can just wait until she arrives before leaving the house. Bingo, this is exactly what I used to do when I did the internet dating thing – Stick> But the reality is that Thai women find it completely acceptable – and even savvy – to waste your time a bit in order to see how interested you really are, so best just to resign yourself to waiting and even being stood up occasionally.

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