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ACVOKE® Mini Cable Spiker

• High quality and durable
• Suitable for all single and multi-phase cables up to 100 mm
• Light weight at 7.5 kg
• Easy to assemble and simple to operate
• Employee safety achieved through positive remote operation by lanyard
• Re-usable
• Operating head can be rotated into three positions for greater flexibility in operator position
• Uses low cost reliable .25″ cartridges
• Suitable for single and multicore polymeric cables
• Dedicated wide chisel reduces the risk of missing conductors


For single and multicore polymeric cables

The ACVOKE® Mini Cable Spiker needs no external power source, as the blank cartridges can be used anywhere for firing it.

A long lanyard and release pin completely separates the operator from the tool at the moment of firing.

A unique self-setting safety system eliminates the risk of the operator inadvertently firing the tool when setting up.

We provide a comprehensive service and repair facility by our highly trained engineers.

As the fitting of most parts often requires detailed instructions or expert knowledge, it is generally advisable to return the cable spiker back to us for a full inspection and test.

We will provide the quotation on inspection of the tool, which will list the service charges and replacement parts required.

Service and repair facility is for UK customers only. Overseas customers are advised to contact their local distributor.

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