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“Brand new Gong Gong Is actually Defeated” —An excellentdamorobe: A great “Deaf Community” for the Ghana as well as Marriage Prohibition to own Deaf Couples

“Brand new Gong Gong Is actually Defeated” —An excellentdamorobe: A great “Deaf Community” for the Ghana as well as Marriage Prohibition to own Deaf Couples

Adamorobe is actually a town in Ghana the spot where the historic presence out-of a hereditary variety of deafness led to a lot of deaf society. Over the many years, a district sign code came up, which is used anywhere between deaf and you will reading members of everyday life, leaving Adamorobe on the a separate place of addition out-of deaf anybody. Yet not, inside 1975, a laws is delivered to attenuate what number of deaf individuals inside the Adamorobe: deaf someone usually do not wed one another in order to avoid deaf offspring. Ultimately, this rules threatens the brand new linguistic and you can cultural assortment within town the spot where the accessibility indication language is omnipresent and you will in which deaf individuals are perceived as completely effective and you can worthwhile people in area. This information is arranged around a couple of groups of tensions on the town, First and foremost, reading mans greeting and you will addition of one’s deaf populace, versus the new need to inhabit a village with no (otherwise smaller) deaf anyone. Subsequently, there can be a stress between deaf people’s experience of, and you will opposition up against, legislation, this will be a tension which may be present in the fresh new existence from dating between deaf lovers, and you can abortions when such unions end up in pregnancies.

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Everywhere [into the Adamorobe] the fresh gong gong is defeated [to help you announce and you will give particular development]. I wondered: what happened? Did some thing score taken? Did some one rating slain? However, that wasn’t the way it is; the message are you to definitely deaf someone you should never marry one another. This new gong gong try defeated and it also was mentioned that deaf individuals have to help you wed hearing someone. The fresh new gong gong is beaten, “As the deaf which have deaf get college students just who are unable to listen to, are unable to tune in to, cannot tune in to.” Ooohh we were surprised. Such a pity…The brand new gong gong are defeated: wed reading, get married reading. Which have reading, not having deaf. Everywhere the newest gong gong try rung: “Get married hearing, then hearing children are born, hearing try produced, hearing are born. Which is a good, that is true. Deaf deaf deaf anyone every-where, no that’s not a good.” New gong gong are beaten…Such as for instance a shame…(regret) [step one,2].

“The newest Gong Gong Was Beaten” -A gooddamorobe: Good “Deaf Town” in viktig hyperlГ¤nk the Ghana and its particular Relationships Prohibition getting Deaf Couples

Within this offer, Adamorobe’s oldest deaf lady laments a historical minute. In the 1975, for the first 12 months regarding his chieftaincy, Nana Kwaakwaa Asiampong introduced a legislation-promulgated regarding the community by the an effective gong gong beater-your deaf people in Adamorobe commonly permitted to wed each other since this perform end in deaf offspring. Rather, they must orobe, deaf-hearing unions are a lot less inclined to render onward children you to try deaf.

Adamorobe is a village in southern area Ghana in which 41 deaf individuals real time certainly one of 3500 reading villagers. This unusually high number off deaf villagers is due to the fresh historical visibility from a great “deaf gene,” a Connexin twenty-six R143W mutation that has been probably released from inside the Adamorobe courtesy marriage ceremonies within founding Akan matrilineal clans, starting in the later 18th century . Over the years, the need to keep in touch with each other in the thick sociocultural systems regarding Adamorobe possess lead to the fresh new emergence away from a location sign vocabulary used by each other deaf and you can reading anybody. Adamorobe Indication Words (AdaSL) is well known and you will employed by most of the deaf members of Adamorobe and you can of the a large part of your hearing inhabitants, with grown up seeing and making use of the text, as well as Akan, its spoken language . For this reason, Adamorobe is named “ mumfo krow ” within the Akan, meaning “deaf village,” to have since number of people for the Adamorobe which know indication words try high, they state you to definitely outsiders usually do not immediately pick who’s deaf and who’s hearing, and therefore believe someone into the Adamorobe is actually deaf.

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