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Cut-off, Government Assistant regarding Morton Condition Reddish Get across Chapter 00080-Container 5-File 04-twenty-five Nels Skaar, Bismarck, North Dakota Chairman; Harold P

Cut-off, Government Assistant regarding Morton Condition Reddish Get across Chapter 00080-Container 5-File 04-twenty-five Nels Skaar, Bismarck, North Dakota Chairman; Harold P

Peter K. McKenzie 00080-Container 5-File 04-14 Jim Sessele that have axe 00080-Package 5-Document 04-fifteen Lady and three students 00080-Package 5-File 04-sixteen Family trip – class photographs before airplanes 00080-Box 5-Document 04-17 Jacob Johnson, This new The united kingdomt, Northern Dakota Pioneer, Daglum People 00080-Container 5-File 04-18 Eight guys 00080-Field 5-File 04-19 Several guys – A good. J. Iseminger? King, Federal President, La; Cal Vaudrey, South Dakota President; George Toman, Mandan, National Assistant; At appointment to award National Chairman 00080-Package 5-Document 04-twenty-six Nels Skaar, Bismarck, Northern Dakota Chairman; Harold P. Queen, National President, Los angeles; Cal Vaudrey, South Dakota President; George Toman, Mandan, Federal Assistant; At appointment so you can prize National President 00080-Package 5-Document 04-27 Mr.

Charles Parkman, Guarantee 00080-Box 5-Document 04-66 People and lady 00080-Container 5-Document 04-67 Und auch Student Users – Carol Clow; Mary Hartl, The newest Rockford 00080-Box 5-File 04-68 Gordon first site Matheny, Mrs

Jack Messmer out of Dickinson tasting crackers and you can cheddar 00080-Container 5-File 04-28 Mrs. Jack Swenson, Mrs. William Bolenbaugh, Mrs. Winner Mindful, Mrs. Roentgen.F. Nuessle, Mrs. Maximum McMullen 00080-Box 5-File 04-29 Mrs. Charles Grantier; Mrs. Gary Miller, Children’s Artwork Chairman; Mrs. C. Fallgatter, Dawson; Mrs. Bernice Stafne, Fargo; John Murphy, Steele 00080-Container 5-File 04-56b Number of men at meeting 00080-Box 5-File 04-57 People 00080-Field 5-Document 04-58 Man speaking within seminar 00080-Container 5-File 04-59 Profit february during the seminar 00080-Box 5-File 04-sixty Five guys 00080-Box 5-File 04-61 Lawrence Manhood, Mrs. Roentgen.J. Petrich, Vernon Dagman 00080-Field 5-Document 04-62 Creighton Sayles, Roy Younger, and you can Mrs. Expenses McClelland out of Mandan, and Albert Schroeder, Brand new Salem 00080-Container 5-File 04-63 Mrs. Rita Lennertz, Minot, previous Agent. Federal Conv. Thompson, ? Johnston 00080-Package 5-Document 04-64 Albers and Doherty 00080-Field 5-Document 04-65 Mrs.

Nels Pladsen, Finlay, and you can Mrs. Treacy Gibbons, Mr. Treacy Gibbons 00080-Package 5-Document 04-69 Alden Foss, Area Area; B. W. Schubert, Jamestown, Jake Berman, Jamestown 00080-Box 5-File 04-70 Judy Gibbons, BJC Page, hauls mike having sound system 00080-Field 5-File 04-71 Rep. Aldin R. Miller, Beach; Wear Hathaway, State Chairman and County Main Panel guy, Seashore 00080-Container 5-Document 04-72 State signs to have discussion 00080-Package 5-File 04-73 One or two men 00080-Box 5-Document 04-74 Crowd at meeting 00080-Box 5-File 04-75 Four boys and make arrows 00080-Container 5-File 04-76a Kenneth Dalstad, Nancy Brady, Rita Wentz, Jim McLean 00080-Box 5-File 04-76b Patti and Peggy Schauss, 8 year-old twins, creating a good duet into guitar 00080-Field 5-Document 04-77 Margaret McCoy, 13 yrs old 00080-Box 5-Document 04-78 Kathy Kemp, Marvin Deitz (king), Jerry Kettleson (when you look at the rear).


Wilbert Wagner, Timothy Bauer, 11, Mrs. Wilfred Bauer – Saxvik celebrating youngsters’ art week 00080-Box 5-Document 04-82 The month of january Dietrich 00080-Box 5-Document 04-83 Gary Gonser, Al Richter, Roger Peterson, Mike McCormack 00080-Package 5-Document 04-84 Children on escalator 00080-Box 5-File 04-85 Students dancing inside gymnasium 00080-Box 5-Document 04-86 5th values youngsters of Master Basic – Mrs. Earl Hartung, teacher; Maylen Mortenson, Bismarck, Otis Lift man exhibiting step tread away from escalator; Technology classification researching machinery gear, automobiles, and exactly how they work 00080-Field 5-Document 04-87 Susan Rivinius, 13, June and Carol Maynard, thirteen, Bobbie Keating, Elderly Lookout Let. Troop 74 Bismarck Junior Large 00080-Field 5-File 04-88 ? Weisberg and you may Frank J. Gillenberg 00080-Field 5-Document 04-89 ? Weisberg and you may Frank J. Gillenberg 00080-Package 5-File 04-90 Mike Speaks, Northern Dakota Violation Chairman and something man 00080-Container 5-File 04-91 A couple of boys and puppy looking at meditation within the pool 00080-Box 5-File 04-ninety five A couple of boys and you can puppy deciding on meditation inside the pool 00080-Package 5-File 04-93 A couple of boys and you may dog considering reflection for the pond 00080-Field 5-Document 04-94 A few boys and canine deciding on reflection inside pond 00080-Field 5-Document 04-95 Planes contrail a lot more than white pole 00080-Package 5-File 04-96 Damage banks from lignite coal strip mining.

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