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Their prior experience made their own resort to real and you may potentially sexual dangers

Their prior experience made their own resort to real and you may potentially sexual dangers

Bikini Caenis (Rider) Phase step 3 when you look at the Future/Huge Buy, depicted because of the Azusa. Swimsuit Caenis (Rider) Phase 4 within the Fate/Grand Acquisition, represented of the Azusa. Such as a great Bird (????????? ? ) within the Destiny/Huge Order, depicted by Akasa Ai .


Whether or not holding enough anger having abilities due to the fact an Avenger, Caenis is smiling, engaging in light talks even when not in the a disposition. She likewise has a fondness to own sweets and that is offered to revealing a little more about the niche. However, their internal frustration could become unmanageable, leading to significant and you will criminal behavior to your level with a Berserker. Their particular behavior in this state as well as puts the owner in the higher danger of getting caught in her madness.

Wodime’s charismatic attitude, with his intend to elevate humankind so you’re able to godhood and you may reshape age Gods, resonated with Caenis, even with her hatred to own deities, especially Poseidon, that is the focus out-of her outrage. She significantly offered Wodime and you may vowed to demonstrate the latest defenses and you may blessings of water https://lovingwomen.org/da/blog/tjekkiske-datingsider/ jesus blessed within her human anatomy given that a good Commendable Phantasm to their fullest.

Much like Mordred, Caenis displays natural conclusion, a primary disposition, and you may an easy thoughts. She will end up being honest on occasion, thinking Musashi have to be an adverse person because they are so just like both.

When you’re first lookin as an excellent “might renders best” contour, Caenis shows the fresh new faults out-of ancient greek heroes. She has each other endured and you may wielded tyranny and you can divine vitality, that may sign up for their mental and you can risky tendencies.

Surprisingly, Caenis upholds the principles off Xenia, brand new Greek concept of hospitality. She together with hides a susceptible and you may hidden frail front to their own which is however for the pain regarding her previous stress with Poseidon, and likely the fresh closest link to their own original female reputation.


Kirschtaria Wodime Caenis did actually significantly value Kirschtaria as the their particular Grasp and his higher vision, and you will try somewhat devoted to help you your. Despite feel summoned by Ritsuka, she has so you’re able to remind herself one Kirishtaria has stopped being their unique Master. Jason and you may Medea Lily “Hee~, therefore that’s the feel all of you give off at that put. Exactly what? Pretendin’ is a security officer’s because ol’ weeks? Haha! End jokin’ Jason. This new me of your own ol’ days is actually. Uuuum, for example a shock corps frontrunner. Uuum? I understand it is your with just just one glance. Ah? You’re distinctive from common? Is the fact how it operates? Nah, they is not 50 % of bad. Basically must select, I’d say I love it. Why don’t choose a drink afterwards, for example a good ol’ pals throughout the Argo?

A great kin of the goodness regarding war Ares. Heee, so that is how it are! Whether or not dated otherwise the fresh new, it never do anything very good. Hello, Grasp, should i butcher ’em? You give me the new creeps. Your. T-R-I-T-O-N-KUN! We finally met, we now have too much to discuss. Hah! Why are you in this function. Commonly ya simply a child! Outfitted instance a great girl actually! Hah? Merely a normal uniform, you said? Viewing it as girlish is all me! Ain’t absolutely no way that’s the circumstances! Seriously, I really don’t thought it’s cool in any way, shape, otherwise function in the slightest! Hello, it’s ok, y’know? You got the look, for people who mess around toward brats, Learn won’t state anything. Noooope? I’m not mockin’ ya. Isn’t they okay in the event that a beneficial brat operates up to and performs such as for instance the fresh new brat he is?

Mermaids is actually one thing a lot more like so it. Anyhow it’s incorrect. Crap. Why is it that if I take a look at Gogh, Personally i think disheartened. Could it be, I’m worried to have their own? Me? I am tellin’ ya your bein’ a mermaid’s entirely wrong! You don’t come across monsters of one’s height despite brand new Greek oceans! Just what? I didn’t care and attention smaller on what We seem like. Hee. Do not be playin’ till late. Go to sleep already. Very? Starred enough? Right. Ah. Yeah, that’s true. Ah? Exhibitionist? Ugh. I am not a keen exhibitionist! I’m immortal so i do not have look after what i don! Moreover, you will be in addition to a master, are not you. If that’s the case, be much more inspired. That is what I showed up here to tell your. Aaaargh, I have had sufficient, let me borrow you to cup you have!

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